These testimonials from our Soul Art community show the power and benefit of The Sacred Journey Method utilising meditation, intuition and transpersonal art therapy. Their feedback continues to inspire me to share this methodology and it's amazing benefits! 

It was my first art therapy class and wasn't sure what to expect. I was blown away with what I learnt about myself and how relaxing and enjoyable it was. Angela is absolutely amazing, she really knows her stuff, she doesn't just teach it but lives it too. Thank you for an amazing class, I'm looking forward to seeing you each class Angela! "  Julie

Angela's Art Therapy was an organic, non judgemental experience. Encouraging both deep internal reflection and external expression."  Josh

What an incredible healing Art Therapy experience with Angela. It’s amazing how much insight, awareness and emotion I felt during the session and enjoyed my exploration and reflection of the creative process. Angela is an intuitive mentor and I highly recommend art therapy to others." Rose 

This was such an eye opening class. I would recommend this for relaxation as well as working through issues."  Chi 

Art therapy allowed me to slow down and gain a deeper understanding of my thoughts and emotions."   Lauren

I found art therapy eye opening and allowed me to dig deep into my own thoughts." Nikki

Each experience created by Angela is unique and one has a greater understanding of oneself."  Helen

I found Art Therapy was very relaxing, and I was able to express myself in a different way."  Sharni

I really enjoy the Soul Art sessions.  It's a time of stillness and healing.  Combining two things I love, mindfulness and art, I'm always surprised at what rises to the surface each week."  Kelly-Anne

Thank you for making me feel welcome and supported."  Cassie

The art session was very relaxing and inspiring.  Helps me to open up inside and express what I am feeling." Rae

Such a beautiful session and I would definitely recommend it.  Very healing, thank you." Sonia

Lovely and creative.  Appreciated the time to access the subconscious and just listen to self.  Wonderful teacher too. Thank you for a wonderful experience." Jessica

An amazing discovery and insight of myself I had never known before.  Thank you Angela for introducing something that I will always use as a tool for growth, healing, joy and inspiration" Miss J.

I came feeling irritated by social media and in the first activity I felt so much better by releasing through art." Sophie

Thank you so much Angela for taking me on an adventure of the mind, body & soul" Miss M. 

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