Products for the Sacred Journey

Find pieces I have designed or created from my own place of inner wisdom. Or tools to help you embrace the Sacred Journey Method. 

Mandala colouring

The mandala is a sacred circle used for meditation and spiritual practice. Colouring a mandala can allow you to be creative and expressive. While the repetition can allow you to drop into a state of meditation. A beautiful way to be calm, unwind and step within.

Soul Art Designs

Clay wall hangings in the Sacred Spiral design. Handmade by me with heart and soul. Representing the journey of life, continuity, direction, growth, evolution and life force energy. Visit my shop on Etsy to find them. 

Painting Equipments

Sacred Journey Courses

Learn how to implement the Sacred Journey Method in your life in a format which speaks to you:

  • ebooks

  • short courses

  • video courses

  • one-on-one sessions