Expressing through Colour

Updated: Feb 17

Colour is a language that we all speak and we naturally bring colour into our everyday lives through the clothes we wear, the home decorations we buy, the colour we paint our bedroom... I'm sure you've stood in front of your mirror thinking, yes! I I feel so amazing in this colour. Or no, I don't really like this colour or don't feel like wearing this colour today.

The colours we choose to wear can be a direct reflection of how we feel on the inside and also used as a tool to help us feel good.

Both consciously and unconsciously we are drawn to different colours at certain times and we use colour as a language and an avenue of self-expression.

Colour communicates who we are and what is meaningful to us.

Colours can remind us of fond memories, our favourite places, our dreams of the future.

Colour can even trigger the response of our other senses - we can feel the warmth of yellow and coolness as we look at the gorgeous blue, green colour that reminds us of crystal clear water. We suddenly dream of floating in the water somewhere on a beautiful beach...

When we make art, we communicate through colour. Feelings, thoughts and life experiences can be expressed simply using colour.


A little exercise for you to do:

What colour is this feeling?

  • Tune inwards to check-in and observe what feelings are present for you right now.

  • Choose colours to represent those feelings and use those colours to create an artwork.

This soul expression doesn't have to look like anything, simply express in any way you feel drawn to, using those colours.

What materials should you use?

I'm a big fan of oil pastels for relatively quick expressions of how I am feeling. Oil pastels are like crayons but brighter and smoother to apply. You can also layer colours and blend them together with your fingers or another tool. Being able to apply large areas of colour really quickly is another thing I love about oil pastels.

I use Mont Marte or Mungyo oil pastels because they are inexpensive and also easy to find. You can usually find them at your local discount store but also on Ebay and other online art stores like Riot Art & Craft (Riot Art regularly has awesome specials!)

Disclosure: I may earn a small commission if you purchase products through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend and personally use. This doesn't change the price for you!


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