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Affirmation Mandalas

Relax & De-stress your body & mind...

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While you are colouring, slow down your breathing and release any tension you feel in your body...
Each mandala has a theme or INTENTION with an affirmation you can repeat while colouring if you feel drawn to do so.
Feel free to amend the words so it truly resonates with you, or create your own.  
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Mandala Journey


(pdf format)

20 Art Therapy Mandala Activities

 + 10 FREE Mandala Colouring Pages.


 A personal journey of self-discovery through intuitive, creative expression... Find CLARITY, WHOLENESS & HARMONY...

Art therapy mandalas are about seeing, sensing and expressing from the inside... exploring who you are, your feelings, and your life.  You will strengthen trust in yourself as you explore your inner world and connect to your inner wisdom.

Mandala Journey supports you in becoming the highest version of yourself and living your best life.. MORE