Hi! I’m Angela

Thank your for taking the time to explore my website 

As I continue to build this site, my hope is that you find loads of useful information, activities and strategies to help you navigate your inner landscape.  I see this as a complex combination of thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions, ideas, beliefs and dreams… Within each of us, there is a wondrous, surprising and sometimes terrifying landscape to navigate and explore!  I can help you steer your ship. 

Life is busy isn’t it?! Quite often we can feel lost, disconnected, scattered, overwhelmed, worried, stressed out… and amidst the chaos we can lose the sacred connection we have with ourselves and our inner world. Our inner landscape gets muddy, stormy, things get rough and quite often we simply push forth and hope we make it through alive!

We can’t escape the stresses that life inevitably brings, but if we take regular inward journeys, and navigate through our emotional and mental landscape, we gain an increased capacity to cope with stress and challenges. We can clear the muddiness... we can calm the seas… we stay on course. 

I use a unique combination of creativity (art-making), mindfulness, meditation and body awareness to help you navigate your inner landscape…

Your inner landscape is like no one elses! And it is vast. Much of what you see is beyond words…


What I love about art-making is that it gives us an avenue of expression that is much richer than words alone. We can express our inner landscape through colour, movement, lines, shapes and symbols.

There’s no right or wrong way and it doesn’t have to make sense to our logical mind.  Satisfaction and relief comes when we are able to express our inner landscape in an artwork. We can then see it clearly, explore it, discover new sights, or find a new lookout or vantage point. Our journey becomes full of new and wonderful discoveries!  

Some things you may not know about me…

I crave regular solitude and absolutely need it to recharge my body, mind & soul. I’ve finally found my ‘thing’ at the age of 46. When I turned 40, I went to live and work in Africa for a year – it definitely changed me. I also lived and worked at a Buddhist Retreat Centre for nearly two years – that changed me more. I love food – anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I’m ‘always hungry!’. Dark chocolate is ALWAYS in my fridge. And at the risk of being stereotyped as a ‘cat lady’ (because I also live alone) fluffy cats are awesome.

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If you love connecting with others, I run creative and nurturing workshops. See what’s coming up here.

Reach out if you would like to chat about a one-on-one session to deeply explore your inner landscape in a more personal setting.